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Hotel Daniel in Vienna – Thisispaper Magazine

Inspiration: It seems this hotel in Vienna has thought of everything. They’ve designed every little corner. Especially like the paper created by Mike Fuisz and Sabine Kembichler.

Review from thisispaper

Paper from behance

3M Australian HQ

Environmental graphics designed by THERE.

Panther Signs

Bringing the outside in







Haptic Architects: Quality Hotel Expo, Fornebu Oslo

Shopfronts, Installations and Interiors.

Studio xag have created some amazing shopfronts, pop-up shops and installations. We blogged their ‘Neon Graveyard’ job last year but think some of their other projects are very inspiring as well.


Photography by Susie Rea

Photography by Susie Rea




photo by Andrew Meredith

From We Heart.


Panther Signs

Fresh take on sushi

This identity is for London suushi store Yoobi which takes influences from Japan and Brazil. The sushi is made fresh to order. The branding centres around the shape of the product and is consistently applied to the environmental graphics, furniture, signage, stationery, packaging and print.

Yoobi logo

Yoobi brand identity design

Yoobi brand identity design

Yoobi brand identity design

Yoobi stools

Yoobi brand identity design

Yoobi packaging

Yoobi brand identity design

Yoobi brand identity design

Yoobi staff

Yoobi leaflets

Yoobi window

Yoobi | Identity Designed.

London 2012 starts to take shape

The environmental graphics at the London Olympics is starting to show up. LOCOG have somehow managed to use the graphic language from the logo to develop a brand rather than just a logo.

Sinking about type

Alex Mustonen and Daniel Arsham, reconstructed the 10-foot letters from the old Miami Orange Bowl and whimsically scattered around the east plaza of the new Marlins Ballpark. Created as a sort of memorial to the stadium that was demolished in 2008.

Typographic Installation, Typography as sculpture, Orange Bowl Type as memorial, Miami, Snarkitecture

Typographic Installation, Typography as sculpture, Orange Bowl Type as memorial, Miami, Snarkitecture











Somewhere, over the rainbow…

Lies a small kindergarten school in Paris. Palatre & Leclere restored this 1940’s building.

Patricia Cafe, Melbourne


Patricia by Beyond the Pixels, Melbourne

Case Study can be found at Identity Designed

Maison Radio-Canada by Sid Lee Architecture

Entrance corridor of the Masion Radio-Canada providing interactive experiences.

Salon Urbain by Sid Lee Architecture and Ædifica

This parking area at Place des Arts was turned into a Salon Urbain, a versatile new space ideal for meeting up before or after a musical performance, a gallery visit or a conference.

Spicy Colour

This clothing store in Korea is aimed at students – slightly messy, low budget, with high spirits. Everything is movable so the store layout can be changed easily, keeping it unpredictable.

Transform an Environment / Transform a Community

This urban art project by Boamistura has transformed both the environment and the community in the slums of Brazil. The community was directly involved in this project, painting the backstreets and alleyways, using art as a tool for change. The words that are painted are also community building – ‘pride’ (orgulho), ‘beauty’ (beleza), ‘sweetness’ (doçura), ‘firmness’ (firmeza), and ‘love’ (amor).

Guardian News & Media, London

Low environmental impact wayfinding signage.


Panther Signs

St Luke’s Church Screen

Vinyl on glass by Maddison Graphic

Belgium 2012 Light Festival

This 28m high facade made of wood was covered was covered with 55,000 LED lights and only used 20kWh of energy.

Christopher Bettig Installations With Wood

J Crew, NYC

Christopher Bettig J Crew

CandyStore Collective

Christopher Bettig CandystoreChristopher Bettig Candystore

Puma Store

Christopher Bettig PumaChristopher Bettig Puma

Urban outfitters stores in North America