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Daniel Libeskind’s lighting design creates a Big Bang | Design | Agenda | Phaidon


Daniel Libeskind’s lighting design creates a Big Bang | Design | Agenda | Phaidon.


Cool Interactive Graphic by

3M Australian HQ

Environmental graphics designed by THERE.

Panther Signs

London 2012 starts to take shape

The environmental graphics at the London Olympics is starting to show up. LOCOG have somehow managed to use the graphic language from the logo to develop a brand rather than just a logo.

Somewhere, over the rainbow…

Lies a small kindergarten school in Paris. Palatre & Leclere restored this 1940’s building.

Maison Radio-Canada by Sid Lee Architecture

Entrance corridor of the Masion Radio-Canada providing interactive experiences.

hand paint – Google Search

Just searched hand paint in google and was pretty surprised by the results!

Thrupence EP artwork cover series

Artwork from musician and designer Jack Vanzet.

Spicy Colour

This clothing store in Korea is aimed at students – slightly messy, low budget, with high spirits. Everything is movable so the store layout can be changed easily, keeping it unpredictable.

Transform an Environment / Transform a Community

This urban art project by Boamistura has transformed both the environment and the community in the slums of Brazil. The community was directly involved in this project, painting the backstreets and alleyways, using art as a tool for change. The words that are painted are also community building – ‘pride’ (orgulho), ‘beauty’ (beleza), ‘sweetness’ (doçura), ‘firmness’ (firmeza), and ‘love’ (amor).

Guardian News & Media, London

Low environmental impact wayfinding signage.


Panther Signs

Belgium 2012 Light Festival

This 28m high facade made of wood was covered was covered with 55,000 LED lights and only used 20kWh of energy.


This type of work employs an RGB technique where Carnovsky overlap three primary colour images resulting in a super intricate multilayered print. When either Red, Green or Blue colored filter is placed over these surfaces a different image is revealed.

These images are of their first UK exhibition at DreamBagsJaguarShoes exploring the topic of ‘Jungle’. Check out more detailed views of their work below.

[Images via JaguarShoes Collective.]

Own a colour and save a life

This is a nice concept and the result looks great. Dulux and Unicef are asking users to buy one of the 16.7 million colours that can be displayed on a smartphone. 


Moving a logo forward.

Often we come across new logos that don’t excite us at first glance, but occasionally the logo grows on us when you see its application. Here is one example of the recently rebranded Museum of the Moving Image, New York.

The reference to the triangles on the building is nice.

MoMI Logo, Before and After

MoMI Logo, Before and After

MoMI Logo, Before and After

MoMI Logo, Before and After

MoMI Logo, Before and After