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Hotel Daniel in Vienna – Thisispaper Magazine

Inspiration: It seems this hotel in Vienna has thought of everything. They’ve designed every little corner. Especially like the paper created by Mike Fuisz and Sabine Kembichler.

Review from thisispaper

Paper from behance


Wedge & Fig | Identity Designed


A very nice ‘handmade’ identity. The consistency throughout all collateral really strengthens the brand, creating a strong, sophisticated but fun identity with heaps of personality.

Wedge & Fig | Identity Designed.

The Halycon

The Halycon is a new arts / retail / design / music / food space in London. We love the strong and exciting identity. Created by SomeOne.

Fresh take on sushi

This identity is for London suushi store Yoobi which takes influences from Japan and Brazil. The sushi is made fresh to order. The branding centres around the shape of the product and is consistently applied to the environmental graphics, furniture, signage, stationery, packaging and print.

Yoobi logo

Yoobi brand identity design

Yoobi brand identity design

Yoobi brand identity design

Yoobi stools

Yoobi brand identity design

Yoobi packaging

Yoobi brand identity design

Yoobi brand identity design

Yoobi staff

Yoobi leaflets

Yoobi window

Yoobi | Identity Designed.

Thrupence EP artwork cover series

Artwork from musician and designer Jack Vanzet.

Runa Rebrand

Some good illustrations involved in this packaging rebrand of the iced tea brand runa.




Runa Gonna Get You Going – Brand New.

Hipster brands dig up the past


GCB NickFerrari 1

2 2 12 vivitar1



03 15 12 expo5

2 6 12 izola10


03 19 12 Cider1

03 21 12 bella5

WilburnThomas FEWSpirits group 001


Ipswich box2

03 16 12 mollys3




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Tied Up Nicely

A nice packaging concept for rubber bands… the stronger the band, the tighter the squeeze.

Elastic band packagingElastic band packagingElastic band packaging